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John Wesker


Demoness of Legend

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John Wesker


Sayuri Kyuubi

"To follow one's path, you must sometimes let go those dear to you. Otherwise, you may end up hurting them. And for that, I am truly sorry."
--Onigen to Keito

Onigen is a demon that is known to be powerful in legends and takes on the form of a beautiful japanese woman to deceive her enemies into thinking that she's human. She served as Sayuri Kyuubi's archenemy, believing her to be responsible for the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attack on her village that cost her parents their lives, resulting in making her a major antagonist in the story, with John Wesker believing to be her partner. Her human lover is Hakuro Bakura, and her son is Keito Bakura.


Onigen appears as a japanese woman in her twenties, though it seems to be her disguise from humans fearing her true nature. She has long, black hair that she keeps tied. Blue eyes. Light skin, slim body with fairly sized breasts. And wears a swordswoman's clothing at all times, such as a red hakama with a pale cloth around the waist, white socks and sandals, bandages covering most of her chest-area, and has two red fingerless gloves that stops below her shoulders and has several bandages wrapped on them, with an armguard on her left hand and forearm.


Onigen is very serious and enigmatic, and usually quiet in very word.


Life of SolitudeEdit

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Onigen's wandering solitude

Onigen existed at the time when God created the Earth, and Onigen originated within the darkest depths from the planet's surface with Lyn the second demon. When time passed, she awoke and wandered the Earth for people to live beside. However, when people looked upon her true self, they rejected her very existence, and this had affected her deeply. After a century had passed, Onigen took on the form of a young and beautiful woman, and many people were taken by her beauty, yet were ignorant of her true form. When she live with them for over the centuries, everyone questioned why she remains young for so long, and many feared her to be a monster. They tried to drive her out of their lives, and Onigen fell into despair once again. She departed from the people's presence, and continued to wander in exile on the world.

The First ContractEdit

Few thousand years later, Onigen then met a young man by the name of Legato, the only survivor of the city of Sodom, and realized that the man was different from other humans. Legato, having the power to detect demons and darkness from the Sodom and Gomorrah massacre, knew Onigen was not human, and tried to exterminate her. However, though he fought gallantly, he was no match for her immense strength and power. Before Onigen could kill him, she questioned why he possesses such power, and wondered if it was by God's hand. Legato told her that he was forsakened by God, who was responsible for his parents and sister's death, and instead relied on his own strength to make this world right. Onigen was taken by this in a new direction, and felt that Legato was just like her. Onigen revealed to Legato that he holds a strong hold to the darkness of this world, and asked him if he wants to truly realize his wish. Legato was stunned by her proposal, and she reached out her hand to him. Seeing no other way to realize his goal, he agreed to her proposition and made a contract to her by placing his hand with her's. Due to this, Legato gained immense powers, and a body that will never decay nor die. So long as Onigen remains alive, then he can continue to live to fulfill his ambition.

Ten-Tailed Beast BattleEdit

Immediately after the contract was made between Onigen and Legato, an abnormal apocalypse suddenly occured. Out of the depths of the Earth, an enormous and monstrous demon, who's very existence was manifested from the darkness and evils of humanity, was unleashed and sought to destroy the world of mankind. Onigen and Legato, having been near its location, hurried to the sight where the demon was spawned. They confronted it and it was a monstrousity that had ten tails, and a single unique eye. Despite its towering figure and immeasurable power, Onigen and Legato fought against it with their full might. During that battle, Onigen was able get the upper hand on the demon, but Legato ended up in its grasp. However, though the demon had Legato in its clutches, Legato's new powers and inner darkness forced the Ten-Tails into a state of terrified submission. Taking advantage of its weakness, Onigen freed Legato from the demon and the two fatally damaged its body. Though they had won, the Ten-Tails tries to rebuild itself from its near-death state with its incredible regenerative capabilities. In the end, out of desperation, Onigen forced its immense and foul energy out of its body, and Legato opened a dimensional rift on the moon to seal the bodily remains of the Ten-Tails within it, forever.

Birth of the Tailed BeastsEdit

With the threat of the Ten-Tails finished, Onigen and Legato saved the world from destruction. But with the threat removed, humanity's misguided nature from God's belief continued to lead the Earth to ruin. To prevent another calamity from happening, Onigen had Legato find a country where humans would be able to work with demons, and to make use of a special power that Onigen would develop for them. When Legato went to find a suitable country, Onigen went ahead with her plan that involved the foul and immeasurable energy she had taken from the Ten-Tails. By the time that Legato found a country willing to coexist with demons as their own, Onigen needed Legato's help to seperate the energy from the Ten-Tails into separate vessels of their own independent wills. To do this, Onigen used her own demonic blood, along with Legato's power of darkness to create nine living creatures that hold a portion of the Ten-Tails' power. As a result, the Tailed Beasts were born, and they assisted in creating a country that would soon be known as the Land of Fire. During that time the Tailed Beasts taught the humans how to use this new power that came to be known as chakra, and were able to develop techniques called Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. The people referred to this as the Ninja Arts, and the Tailed Beasts departed from human society to live their own lives. Onigen and Legato, having completed their task, finally go their separate ways to find what they desire.

Time of Christ and BetrayalEdit

Around the time of Christ from his birth and childhood, Onigen was living a normal life among the humans of Judea--those who's lives would eventually be changed by Jesus' "miracles". When the "Massacre of the innocents" had transpired, Onigen was baffled that such an antrocity had occured. When Jesus was 12-years-old, Onigen met him in Jerusalem when he went into a temple of study, where everyone was amazed by his wisdom. Onigen was among the people who listened to his words, though she was the only one who kept a silent stare at Jesus. After he was scolded by his mortal parents, Onigen approached Jesus with curiousity and asked him why he would know so much, despite his young age. Jesus, unable to read Onigen's thoughts and intentions, merely smiled that he dedicates himself to God above all else. Onigen stayed silent and observant, and looked down with thoughts in her head. She asked him if he ever thought for himself, rather than let God dictate his actions. Jesus gave a sudden confused look on his face, and was unsure why Onigen would ask such a thing. Jesus merely replied that God is everyone's Father, thus their fate is in His hand. Onigen turned away and answered that fate is what people make, not God's. Jesus was speechless by her response, and Onigen began to leave. Jesus asked Onigen on what her name was, and Onigen stopped immediately. She only glanced at him with her head turned right and answered sincerely. Jesus, having knowing her name, gave a humble bow of his head to wish her God's grace. Onigen began to leave again and replied "I have no need of that...Son of God." Upon her hearing that clearly, Jesus looked at her with shock, but Onigen left in an instant, leaving Jesus bewildered to the core.

When Jesus had grown into an adult, he met many people who had diseases and death-like situations around the cities of other lands. At the time, Onigen had befriended people who would eventually be healed by Christ, and Onigen had realized that many of them needed her assistance. However, step by step, each and every one of them was cured before she could help. Among these people were Jairus' dying daughter, and a young woman who bled for 12 years without stop, as well as Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, who dies and is resurrected. Onigen was glad to see all of her friends were saved from their demise, but felt like she couldn't do anything. However, she accepted Christ's help, and continued to live among her human companions.

Eventually, Onigen happy life in Judea was about to collapse. When John Wesker, who hid his real name Saphael, was selected as a Chosen of God, he formed the Order of the Saint in God's and Christ's vision of a perfect world. He was able to bring many people to his cause, which sadly also included those of whom were cured by Christ--Onigen's closest friends. They were given the power of the Holy Arts, and were sent to exterminate anyone that was a demon or devil. When these people went to Onigen to have her join their holy cause, Onigen was objective to their plan. When they showed her their power that was granted to them as Christ's followers, Onigen reacted with unbearable pain, and everyone was shocked that Onigen was a demon herself. Onigen tried to convince them that she wanted to tell them the truth, from when she tried to heal them of their illness and death, but the humans, filled with rage and disgust of Onigen's deception, attacked her without second thoughts. Onigen tried to have them see reason, but none would listen and tried to kill her. She managed to push them back without resorting to hurting them. However, the girl who bled for 12 years, mindlessly tried to stab onigen with a sword, but Onigen stopped her before doing so. Onigen, feeling nearly betrayed, tried to talk to her not to resort to violence, as it won't serve anything right. Unfortunetely, the girl refused to listen to Onigen, regarding her as an abomination, and slammed a holy cross on Onigen's face. Being engulfed in unimaginable pain, Onigen felt completely betrayed by her human friends, who had been blinded by Christ, and felt like she was to die by humans. However, when Onigen remembered that she told Jesus that everyone makes their own fate, Onigen refused to die and retaliated.

She endured the pain by the cross and tore away the girl's arm, leaving her to scream in pain from dismemberment. Taking advantage of the girl's helpless situation, Onigen slammed her into the ground and ferociously bit her neck to drain the girl's fine from her being. Despite the girl's pleas for the others to help, Onigen drained all of the life and blood of the girl, and Onigen's body was completely rejuvenated. But a sudden anomaly occured inside her body, as Onigen was wrenched in pain and her body gave out a stream of holy light from her body. Mistaking it as a sign of Onigen's life about to end because she fed on the girl's blood that Christ cured, Jairus attacked Onigen. However, Onigen halted his attack, and she realized that her body was now immune to the Holy Arts. Satisfied by her immunity, Onigen sliced away Jairus' arms and decapitated him in an instant. Shocked by her power, everyone merely screamed their vows to Christ and thoughtlessly attacked Onigen. Despite their numbers, everyone died by Onigen's overwhelming might, and she drained them of their life force, further increasing her resistance against the Holy Arts, as well as being able to detect those who wield them, and nullify their ability to use it for a duration of time. Onigen walked away from the blood-drained corpses of her former friends that turned on her, leaving a large trail of spilt blood on her way, and she wept tears of expressionless sorrow on her face.

She soon found Jairus' daughter, the only person left that was cured by Christ, in her bed and she wasn't surprised to see her again. Onigen kneeled before her and asked her if there were any last words to speak. The young girl gave none, but smiled with tears of having to die because she deserved it. No longer any need to hesitate, Onigen fed on the girl's life and fulfilled the obligation to erase those who were cured by Christ, and died for his blind faith. Onigen left Judea and resolved to see to it that fate is what people make it to be, rather then God's design.

Meeting Hakuro BakuraEdit

After her painful circumstances from the past, Onigen traveled around the world for the next millenia, eventually reaching to the year of the 20th century. Onigen lived in Japan for some time, but still explored the lands to find her meaning in this world. By a stroke of fate, Onigen saw a young boy, who looked into her eyes, and noticed that she has no look of pity or disgust, but merely the eyes of lonliness as he feels. Onigen then walked and knelt in front of him and asked the boy if he's alright. She then placed her hand on his head, and the boy blushes in response. The boy then smiled and replied that he's fine, and Onigen looked on with surprise by his response. She then smiled and asked what his name is, to which he tells her that his name is Hakuro Bakura. She then gets up and wonders if he wants to come with her on her journey. Hakuro takes this with surprising disbelief, yet excitingly accepts her offer. She smiles and holds his hand as they walk from the streets.

Discovery and AcceptanceEdit

By the following years, Onigen taught Hakuro many techniques in hand-to-hand combat, and even in the art of swordsmanship. Eventually at some point, Hakuro eventually found out that she was a demon when she fed on the blood of a wanted criminal, and Onigen felt that he may abandon her like many have in the past, and fled away into the shadows. However, Hakuro didn't care what she may be, and wants to be with her no matter what. He eventually found her by Kikyo Castle, and Onigen was still ashamed of her true self shown before her apprentice. But Hakuro reassured her that he didn't care if she's a monster in human form, and that deep down in his heart he loved her for who she is. Taken with surprise and tearful acceptance, Onigen hugged Hakuro and thanked him for accepting her.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immense Strength:
  • Immense Endurance:
  • Immense Durability:
  • Immense Speed:
  • Immense Reflexes:
  • Immense Flexibility:
  • Immense Agility:
  • Immense Stamina:
  • Instant Regenerative Healing Factor:
  • Immense Demonic Power:
  • Master Tactition:
  • Master Swordsmanship Specialist:
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:


Keito BaburaEdit

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Onigen's theme song is "GUILTY" by Anna Tsuchiya.

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