Legato's Satan Spectre

Satan Spectre, the materialized illusion of Legato's.

The Satan Spectre is an illusionary entity that Legato used to tempt Jesus to sumbit and reveal that truth to him upon submission, but the Son of God rejected the spectre and went on with God's Holy Plan. Legato refused to punish his illusion becuase it is also a person and let it do as it pleased to discover Jesus's true mission on Earth.

When Dante went to teh crusades, the spectre took on the form of Lucifer to wage a bargain to Beatrice, thus beginning Dante's journey into the Inferno of Hell. After this was done, Lucifer took the spectre's place within the inferno and lured Dante into the circle of treachery to break his chains, which were also bound to that of Noswer's in a separate dimension of Hell.

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